HeadSpace Summer events 2013

HeadSpace Efford is proud to present our Summer events for 2013:    

    2 July                    11-12s: Wind chimes

                                  13-19s: I forgot day…

        9 July                11-12s: Creepy House Summer reading

                                  13-19s: Cake in a Cup

        16 July              11-12s: BBQ

                                  13-19s: Life skills – budgeting

        23 July              11-12s: Awards presentation evening

                                  13-19s: National hotdog day BBQ

        30 July              11-12s: Free time/Wii/Games

                                  13-19s: Making keyrings

        6 August           11-12s: Free time/Wii/Games

                                  13-19s: Hama beads

        13 August         11-12s: Free time/Wii/Games

                                  13-19s: Blow football/league tables

        20 August         11-12s: Free time/Wii/Games

                                  13-19s: Food tasting 

        27 August         11-12s: Free time/Wii/Games

                                   13-19s: Trip

HeadSpace meet every Tuesday at Efford Library, Torridge Way, Plymouth. 11-12 year olds: 4-5.30pm; 13-19 year olds: 6-7.30pm

Call 01752 306791 or text 07557 481253 for further information.

Read our blog: https://headspaceefford.wordpress.com and follow us on twitter: @headspaceefford


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